We’re not your typical agency.

We’re proud to be one of New Brunswick’s preferred web design firms. We’re graphic design fanatics. We’re crazy about coding, and all about using the latest cutting-edge frameworks. Bootstrap and Foundation? 1 and 2 on our speed dial list (but just like your grandparents would say, they’re both number one in our eyes). We’re bonkers about using amazing tools like WordPress and Joomla. We’re cuckoo about E-commerce. Logos make us feel warm and fuzzy. We live web design and development.

We make stuff, and we make stuff awesome. Find out how.



Just a few of the people we work with

  • Oromocto Food Bank
    We LOVE our new Website and can't thank you enough for such a professional service. This company has been simply amazing! Vagrant listened to our needs, our visions and what we were all about, then they were able to translate that into our new website, and rebranding. We are so pleased with the results, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to make changes within their Marketing sector of their business.
  • Scott Sparks
    The Village of New Maryland needed a new website design to better meet the needs of our residents and strategic partners. Our experience with Vagrant Creative this year has been outstanding from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier with the process of working with them, and the result speaks for itself. As promised, Vagrant Creative delivered this project on time and on budget. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and creativity, and I certainly plan to continue working with them in a more long-term capacity.
    Scott Sparks
    Village of New Maryland
  • Thanks for the awesome website. Your work has driven up our viewership significantly. Since the new site went live, our average increased by almost 2000 more viewers per week. This is a huge figure...
    The Brunswickan